MEGALITH makes it possible to calculate the areas sheet-fed printing, web printing, newspaper printing, packaging printing and label printing automatically.

The expert knowledge required for the automatic calculation of the production process has been saved in formulae.

Customer data (agent’s commission, discounts, credit rating information, and much more) is entered automatically and the credit status (open posts) is indicated.

Price determination is completed using the price determination mask with several price levels.

Preparation of an offer then proceeds either directly as a PDF or as an Office document.



It takes months to acquire a client and seconds to lose them again. It is important to take care of existing clients as it is expensive and difficult to acquire new customers.  

With MEGALITH CRM, all relevant customer data is displayed in a way that is easy to view and access, which guarantees that your sales team will always be well-informed. Irrespective whether for office work or sales and marketing, you can stay flexible and active for your customers.

The planning of revenue, contribution margins, and added value support the sales and strategy planning.

At the push of a button, all relevant analyses of revenue, jobs, etc., are available for visit preparation.  

The stored visit reports to the customer give the sales department an exact overview of the market activities.

The software automatically exchanges appointments and tasks between Outlook and MEGALITH via the interface. Emails can be archived directly with the document management function. 


Job and document management

Auftrags- und Dokumentenmanagement

MEGALITH gives you the possibility to create your correspondence automatically and rationally, without having to enter data multiple times.

As well as sending emails, a system for archiving and distribution can be set up.

MEGALITH generates offers, order confirmations, orders, delivery notes, invoices, dispatch papers, labels from the system data. Individual and collective invoices can be issued quickly and securely using the available data from calculation and job.

As the correspondence reverts back to Office applications, all prints and forms are fully customisable, both in terms of their appearance and content. In this way, for example, customer specific layouts or various language versions can be realised.

All papers produced are saved automatically and are accessible at any time via customer or job reference on a document management system.

Materials management


MEGALITH materials management facilitates secure and rapid ordering and manages all materials necessary in the operating schedule. 

The job specific management gives an overview when prompted of the ordered, received, accepted, reserved and free amounts. 

The integrated ordering system for storage and job specific items supports purchasing.

Upon receipt of an item, an automatic reservation of one or several jobs can take place via the relevant order.

Upon collection from storage, a simultaneous booking of the costs to an job or cost centre occurs.

The system offers an integrated individual role management for the area role offset.

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